Unveiled: Meet Your PR & Content Digital Kit

It’s been awhile in the making, but I have finally crossed the Ts and dotted the Is on the digital kit I’ve made in conjunction with my book! Reading DIY PR is an awesome start, but if you really want to make some headway and launch your own efforts after doing so, you can purchase this kit to help you.

Check out this page to see the full list of what you’ll get included. Some people may think to themselves, “Nice upsell, Rebecca! But I can just find all of this online somewhere.” And the truth is, yes – you probably can. But it’ll cost you some serious time and energy. If I know entrepreneurs like I think I know entrepreneurs, you don’t have the time to spare to go digging around the World Wide Web in order to track down all this handy information.

Furthermore, some of the pieces I offer correlate specifically to areas of instruction within the book. So if you want to stay on track and be aligned in all of your efforts, it’s best to know that all your pieces and parts will be working cohesively together.  

My main goal in providing this extra benefit is to save you time and give you the tools you need to hit the ground running. I really hope you get some valuable information out of this digital kit, and that it helps you launch your PR & content programs immediately!

Also, I’d love to know what you think. Is there anything I missed? What could I include in a future version of this kit? Your feedback means so much to me.

It’s time for kickoff!


P.S. The kit is on sale for a limited time only, so get it while it's available at a reduced price!