Countdown to Launch: One Week!

I can't believe it's almost here. This "small project" that I started working on just a couple months back is finally wrapped up and I'm days away from sticking a pretty little bow on top of its head.

If this is your first time meeting me or stopping by my site, allow me to say hi (oh, hey!) - and rewind a bit! My name is Rebecca and the project I'm talking about is a book I wrote called DIY PR: Public Relations and Content Hacks for the Lean Start-up.

If you've ever been intensely overwhelmed by the thought of handling your own PR efforts, this book is for you. If you've ever been wonderstruck (or flat out annoyed) by the term "content" that people throw around carelessly and unsure if your business really needs it, this book is also for you. Heck, if you've even wondered what on earth people in PR actually do all day, this book is a peek behind that mysterious proverbial curtain. 

My main goal in writing this book is to help start-ups. I know how it feels to breathe life into your own company, and I know what it's like to watch loved ones struggle - and succeed - in their own businesses. I love entrepreneurs, and I hope my insight into PR and content can give you a leg up in furthering your company's goals. 

So, in one week's time, I invite you to give my book a read! I'll be offering a FREE PROMO for two days only through the Amazon Kindle Store. Take a look, and feel free to give it a highly complimentary, glowingly effusive, remarkably favorable rating and review (a girl can dream, right?)! But seriously... Mark your calendars for November 8th, and get ready to get super cozy with PR and content!

My most sincere thanks in advance for your support.

To your wildest success,


P.S. I'll be launching the book first in digital form through the Kindle store, and a few weeks later as a physical book for all you print junkies out there - myself included :)