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As the founder or leader of a start-up, you have your hands full. While already juggling myriad responsibilities, you’ve given some thought to the idea that your company might benefit from a public relations and content program. But these fields are a mystery to you. You don’t have the resources to hire a PR consultant (or full-fledged agency), and you certainly don’t have the time to learn about – and execute – these initiatives on your own. You feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. What’s a scrappy start-up to do? Give up on PR and content entirely?

Absolutely not!

DIY PR: Public Relations and Content Hacks for the Lean Start-up was written precisely for you. This book was designed to teach you the foundation of what you need to know about the often-murky world of public relations and give you actionable guidance on launching your own PR and content efforts. When you’ve finished reading, you’ll walk away with an understanding of the prongs of public relations and content, why they matter and an exact sequence of steps you can start following immediately.

Think of this book as a conversation between the two of us. I understand your challenges, and am super stoked to start providing you with doable solutions. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to learn how to do your own PR, until you can engage with an agency and no longer have to do it yourself. Let’s go!